Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Instructions to Create a Password

Instructions How to Make a Good Password :

1. Do not use the original name, address, phone number, or other personal information as a password.

2. Using various forms of capital letters and characters in the password you will make it more difficult to those who try to change, as this adds the possibility of variations password.
Example : use "indobizline" realy good, but will use "InDObiZLinE" more well.

3. Type the password that is best overall is a combination of several characters that random, password is good according to me is comprised of series of words, include with upper and lower case, add in the numbers.
Example : "InDObiZLinE100%" Password like this is very difficult to be immitated.

4. Never use one password for all of your accounts, such as a password for the email, not the same as the password to access the other account.

5. As Tip, if you have many accounts on the internet, use the front of the site as part of your password in the follow with your password.
Example : you have an account in, the password is "zonamobile123456" (where 123456 is your password), then you have an account in the, then you password is "google123456" (where 123456 is your password) and you also have an account in, the password is "facebook123456" (where 123456 is your password), that is so.

6. Although the writing password you back the usual advice is recommended, make sure you put a password that does not place any person who can see.
As an example : do not you write monitored. Hehehe. . Who knows? :p

Suggestions :
A good way to create a complex password is to think about the sentence, and then take the first or second letter of each word in the phrase. Password is the result of this, will look a bit untidy for others, but you can easily remember the sentence and the rules of it.
Always change your password if you suspect someone has to know the password.
A good idea, to change your password regularly.

Hopelly Helfull :)

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