Sunday, July 12, 2009

Simple Laundry Bag With A Various Colors

What a pity when you see your wife have a trouble when she's going to the laundry with a basket to put a dirty clothes and she's wash in there? Or use a large plastic to place your dirty clothes? Well. . .is certain, because I also had that experienced.
But now, I found the solution. You might be interested :). Yup, now your wife doesn't need to rush when going to the laundry, because there are special bags that can be used to store and carry laundry to the laundry, or usually called a laundry bag.
Many types and colors that you can select from a laundry bag, ranging from the plain to the colorful.
But, I'm very busy. So I don't find time to go to the store and buy a laundry bag for my wife?

Hey. . .are you kidding? What also must be confused, there is a shop online, right? Also confused to choose a good online store?
Okay, I recommend an online store that provides a variety of gifts for women and children, This online store provides a variaty of interesting gifts for you to give to your wife, one of which is laundry bag.
Laundry bag sold in Posylane has a shoulder strap, so easy for you to bring to your wife. With a range of various colors, so you're free to explore more favorite color your wife :p, I give the following examples of images from the laundry bag in Posylane and various color for you choose :

  • laundry bag Black with hot pink polkadot
  • laundry bag chocolate giraffe
  • laundry bag aqua with hot pink polkadot
  • laundry bag cadet
  • laundry bag pink pony
  • laundry bag slate yellow
  • laundry bag chocolate blooms
  • laundry bag hot pink zebra
  • laundry bag lime with hot pink
  • laundry bag camo
  • laundry bag navy-aqua

How, many of color for you choice right? :D
Oh yeah. .laundry bag measuring 22.5" x 31" sold at this price $16 each.

Well, to complete a gift for your wife, there maybe one more item you need to buy, towel wrap. Yup, Posylane also provide a bath towel wraps are made from fine fabrics with 9 color choices, I'm sure your wife will like it, hehe.
Price bath towel wraps for this vary, depending on size. For children $28, tweens $29, and adult $30.
Here is an example image and the color of the 9 types of bath towel wraps that you can select :

  • towel wrap lime with hot pink polkadot border
  • towel wrap black with hot pink polkadot border
  • towel wrap chocolate blooms
  • towel wrap hot pink with black zebra border
  • towel wrap aqua with hot pink border

Gift for my beloved wife is already, and how with my child?
Relax, you can also order gift for your child in Posylane. How about nap mats preschool? You can buy it for your children isn't it?:)
Nap mats are sold in Posylane maybe appropriate for your child, with nylon and cotton, trimmed with a ribbon, it is very soft like a blanket. With the price of $190, you can give away for your child.

So, what you're still confused search for the online store that provides a variety of interesting gift for your wife and children?
Just visit the site on :


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