Thursday, July 23, 2009

Solvent Recovery System []


In industrial chemicals, solvents have a very important role, especially in the process of separation. To manage the solution should be more attention, both prior to use for the production process and after the production process. For example, to determine the type of solution that will be used in the production process, manufacturing and making of some consideration to the necessary detail. Solution with the characteristics of the materials to be processed, to the influence of environmental and economic factors. NexGen as you can see in have advanced solutions for their needs. The distillers and the solvent cleaning system has been used by more than 8000 customers including all levels of government, all branches the military, NASA, defense contractors, and others This is because the solvent recovery system solutions offered by the company is proving to be effective in reduce waste and re-use expensive solvents.

Solvent with high quality, the price is also expensive. So it is necessary to make good use effectively and efficiently. One-thing that can be done is with solvent recovery system. Solvent Recovery System from Nexgenenviro is a great solution for us, this is the advantage of this machine :
  1. Savings on new solvent purchasing, and waste solvent disposal.
  2. Lower EPA generator status, meaning less paperwork and fees.
  3. Reduced onsite hazardous waste storage.
  4. Increased productivity of solvent cleaning operation.
  5. Lower labor costs associated with storage and transport of solvent waste.

For the advantage above, now you doesn't need to doubt again.This solvent recovery system and waste recovery system can solve our factory waste problem. If you would like to learn more about the benefit of using the solvent recovery, you can directly go to for detailed catalog and specific information.


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